Indian women are now strong enough to say

misogyny is a kind of hatred a citizen feels when a fellow citizen, deemed inferior, refuses to inflate his broken vanity.

metaphorically, it’s miles the festering wound of a chained soul that dreads the very concept of freedom—and everyone who is unfastened.

and that precisely is why sexual violence is not about pleasure. the predator intends to wound not the woman’s body, but her dignity—she will be able to’t have something he lacks.

yet, it’s far only anticipated of humans, like a union minister, to snigger off india’s #metoo motion as a “perversion.” one cannot blame him. for our society has never taught guys like him to apply in daily life, the training he learnt in lecture rooms and regulation books.

an indian man is in no way taught that like every specimen of homo sapiens, ladies can be indignant, lustful, foxy, vehement, and negative, except being kind, patient, and affectionate.

he’s only educated to be respected by his mom/sister/wife/daughter/mistress. that is so deeply ingrained that an average indian adult guy expects the same reverence everywhere—lecture rooms, places of work, public areas, and even parliament.

a “no” in a dating might perplex him.

consequently, i find this doubt of the union minister very innocent: “if a person makes an allegation that…while the incident took place, we had been playing collectively whilst in class five, would it not be truthful?”

very pertinent.

he is simplest skilled to be revered via his mother/sister/spouse/daughter/mistress. this is so deeply ingrained that a median indian adult man expects the identical reverence everywhere—school rooms, workplaces, public areas, or even parliament.

a “no” in a relationship might perplex him.

as a result, i discover this doubt of the union minister very innocent: “if a person makes an allegation that…whilst the incident befell, we were gambling collectively even as in elegance 5, would it not be fair?”

very pertinent.





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