A bigger threat than Zika in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia faces a larger threat from dengue fever than from the Zika virus that’s sweeping via Latin America, according to professionals inside the subject.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical ailment because of the dengue virus. Symptoms, which usually begin three to 14 days after infection, may include a excessive fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a feature pores and skin rash.

Zika virus is related to dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile viruses. The infection it reasons is just like a moderate shape of dengue fever.

The Kingdom recorded 6,000 instances of dengue fever in 2015, said Ministry of Health Contagious Diseases Director General Prof. Hayel Al-Abdali.

“Six of the inflamed sufferers died in 2015,” he stated, adding, “Dengue fever is a larger chance to the Kingdom than the Zika virus. Both sicknesses are transmitted through the chew of Aedes Aegypti mosquito and both have the same signs and symptoms.”

He stated that the GCC Health Committee had introduced that each one Gulf nations are loose from Zika virus. The Saudi Ministry of Health also confirmed that the Kingdom is freed from Zika virus.

“The ministry has warned travelers making plans to go to inflamed countries to take complete precaution and to observe the ministry’s preventive measures,” said Al-Abdali.

He additionally stated vacationers with susceptible immunities and chronic illnesses need to seek advice from their medical doctors earlier than traveling.

“Pregnant girls planning to visit infected nations have to inform their medical doctors. The doctors must be knowledgeable to run the appropriate checks after their return. They are counseled to delay their journeying plan until they supply beginning,” stated Al-Abdali.

He also said that vacationers who enjoy signs of any of the diseases inside 3 weeks of coming back from a visit abroad ought to right away get a medical checkup and visit their docs.

“The symptoms of the Zika virus encompass fever, rash, muscle ache, ache within the joints, headache and conjunctivitis. The symptoms usually final for two to seven days,” said Al-Abdali.

GCC Ministers of Health Executive Office Director General Prof. Tawfiq Khoujah stated the ministries of fitness of all Gulf international locations should immediately inform the World Health Organization if a case of Zika virus is recorded.

“The office will preserve a convention on Feb. 17 to talk about preventive techniques and ability cures. The virus isn’t always native to Gulf international locations.
At the moment, there aren’t any simply available vaccines in opposition to the ailment,” stated Khoujah.

He added the vaccine found and advanced in India is not yet geared up to be used.

“The vaccine requires extra testing and in addition studies. The ministers of health are searching out instantaneous answers. The International Food and Drug Organization has not authorised any vaccines regardless of the reality that many pharmaceutical agencies are competing in studies to increase the vaccine,” stated Khoujah.





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