A melancholy tale of Love – C-Heads Magazine

“One day I rediscovered the work of filmmaker Wong Kar Wai. And the artistic movie “In the Mood For Love.“ was a perfect inspiration for my new series. Together with model Dada I created a clear vision of what I wanted to portrait.” photographer Piotr Chrobot explains. “The hotel room – which I found online – was booked for a month but I managed to get another weird location in the old part of the city. For this shooting I took my medium format Pentax 67 with me but it failed within the first frame. Decided to shoot digital. After few hours covered with red light we got this.” A melancholy tale of love, dreams and loneliness.

Photography – Piotr Chrobot  /
Model – Dada –

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A melancholy tale of Love – C-Heads Magazine

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