A guerrilla shoot in London with Sophie Young & Rosa Cecilia for Isadore Intimates

Australian model Sophie Young and British model Rosa Cecilia did a super fun guerrilla shoot in London for handmade lingerie brand Isadore Intimates. All captured by Sophie Hemels.

“The sun was out, the vibe was good and there was a buzz in the air. You could feel it, the light hum of exciting things ready to happen. A city full of energy, full of possibilities, full of opportunities. A fearless city. And it was this background that we would shoot the new lookbook of Isadore Intimates against. A guerrilla-shoot. A series that explores the freedom of youth, the endless hope of the young spirit. Girls without fear, a ‘fuck-it’ mentality and the dream to live wild and untamed. It was October 5th at Piccadilly Circus and this is what we did.” Sophie Hemels

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Photography by Sophie Hemels – www.sophiehemels.com -@francismorrismorrison
Models: @sophieellen94 & @rosaiamele
Lookbook for @isadoreintimates

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A guerrilla shoot in London with Sophie Young & Rosa Cecilia for Isadore Intimates

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