How big? What women REALLY want in the bedroom will shock you


PLEASURE: What women like in the sack might surprise you

Size matter sin more than one way when it comes to what women like in the bedroom.

From ideal body shapes to the perfect penis size, we reveal all about women’s sexual preferences.


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GULP: Women want a bigger-than-average penis in a long-term relationship

While the average man is 5.2 inches long, women prefer penises that are somewhat bigger.

In fact, a recent study found that the ideal manhood for long-term relationships was 6.3 inches long with a 4.8 inch girth, according to the ladies.

The poll, by University of California Los Angeles and the University of New Mexico, also found that when it comes to one night stands women prefer men with a 6.4 inch schlong which is 5 inches in circumference.


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RELAX: Ladies like larger lads in the bedroom

After the shock of finding out that women want a bigger-than-average manhood, these stats might come as a welcome surprise.

If you’ve got a bit of a belly, you’re in luck! British women recently revealed that they prefer men who are holding a few extra pounds.

The survey of 2,544 British women aged 18 and over found that a whopping 38% favour having over any other body shape.

Second best in the bedroom were athletic/muscley men, who got 21% of the votes.

And in third place were tall men (taller than 6ft) with 13% of women naming them as the best lovers.


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CONTROL: Girl On Top is the best sex position to make a woman orgasm

The UK’s favourite is , according to a recent Ann Summers poll.

The survey of 1,000 adults found that one in four people favour that sex position.

However Girl On Top – which was the second most popular choice with 23% of the votes – was actually preferable for women.

This position, also known as The Cowgirl, allows her to have the most control of her orgasm. And she is more likely to be able to reach the big-O this way.

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How big? What women REALLY want in the bedroom will shock you

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