My 14 days of siege in Kashmir; a first-hand account from the valley.

I landed in Kashmir a day earlier than India revoked the kingdom’s special autonomy, breaking it into federal territories and bringing it immediately under the control of New Delhi.

On August 4 — the penultimate day — at the same time as using from Srinagar airport, I discovered most markets chock-a-block. Hawkers bought their wares and those have been busy in festive purchasing. Eid turned into a week away and one should feel a joyous exhilaration inside the air.

Often ranked as one of the most stunning places on the earth, Kashmir is full of tourists in the course of summer season.

Holidaymakers from round the sector, and most elements of India, get away the summer time heat and arrive in droves to picnic around the valley’s well-known sparkling water lakes, picturesque meadows and luxurious mountains.

Not quite, this ecosystem of misunderstanding and suspense fed to rumour mongering. As the day stepped forward, long queues could be visible outdoor petrol stations and ATMs. People talked about an drawing close Balakot-type strike on Pakistan and the possibility of an all-out battle among the two nuclear-armed nations.

It was within the middle of this kind of visitor season — while it’s also hard to discover a hotel room in Kashmir — that the government issued a spate of advisories asking traffic to straight away leave the valley. Suddenly a major Hindu pilgrimage, undertaken by thousands of devotees each 12 months, become additionally terminated.

You should experience some of that anxiety around but humans however carried on with their daily chores. Many offered the government assurance that the advisories were a result of ‘intelligence inputs’ that warned of a first-rate terror attack.

Yet others felt that New Delhi changed into making plans some thing large in Kashmir and an statement to this effect changed into in the offing.

Not rather, this surroundings of bewilderment and suspense fed to hearsay mongering. As the day progressed, long queues could be seen out of doors petrol stations and ATMs.

People talked about an imminent Balakot-kind strike on Pakistan and the opportunity of an all-out battle among the 2 nuclear-armed international locations.

At the stroke of midnight, all smartphone lines went useless.

This become preceded by way of the snapping of net. It become frightening, startling and disquieting. Suddenly there has been this realisation which you were marooned and cut off from the rest of the world. By intuition I checked the telephones of other own family individuals.

No connection. The rumours have been no longer entirely wrong, I thought.

That night no person slept nicely in Kashmir, afraid of what lay in store for them. Finding ourselves within the center of a conversation black hole, we had little idea that masses of human beings all over the nation were being detained that night.

The government was leaving no stone unturned to make certain that no massive-scale protests — that perpetually cause violence — befell in the run as much as the large assertion.

We located squaddies guarding every major road the next day. Early that morning navy jeeps went around at 5am, saying regulations and curfew.

With mobile phones of no purposeful use, human beings switched on their TV sets — simplest to witness that the implausable changed into real. Amit Shah, India’s home minister, took all of 7 minutes to announce the abrogation of Article 370 — a stipulation in India’s constitution that defines Kashmir’s dating with India.

The country stood dissolved. It was unfolding proper in the front of our eyes.

In much less than seven mins, extra than seven decades of accept as true with, and over a century of jealously guarded Kashmiri identification, had come apart. I attempted scanning the faces of some pals and neighbours who watched the unique broadcast, stay from India’s parliament, with us.

Their jaws fell. Anticipation soon gave way to despondency. The loss changed into both non-public and collective, clearly hitting at the core of people’s experience of belonging.





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