Reflections with Alina Lee – C-Heads Magazine

Eyes that look so inquiring,
yet seem to know everything.

“Somewhere in the Spring of 2016 I saw a picture of a model that immediately caught my eye, her name turned out to be Alina Lee. And when my girlfriend and me planned a short USA Westcoast roadtrip I just had to check out if Alina was up for a collaboration. She was. We set a date and I asked the people from the great San Remo hotel where we were staying if I could use a room for a shoot. Lucky for me that was no problem at all and Alina turned out to be just as inspiring and fun to hang out with as I’d hoped for.” At the beautiful Italian style hotel, build after the 1906 earthquake in San Fransisco, Dutch Photographer Theodor Versteegen and intriguing model Alina Lee put their shooting plans into action and continued at the ‘901 Columbus Cafe’, Russian Hill – San Fransisco.

Photographer: Theodor Versteegen,
Model: Alina Lee, Sacramento (CA-USA)   –

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Reflections with Alina Lee – C-Heads Magazine

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