Romance and radiation in smouldering Gallic drama

TOXIC love and lust are a remember of lifestyles and demise on this sexually-charged French blue collar mystery
PUBLISHED: 00:01, Fri, Jul 18, 2014

A torrid attraction and a toxic place of business make a robust combination in Grand Central, a French drama reliant on the smouldering charms of Tahar Rahim and Lea Seydoux. Rahim’s Gary is willing to danger his health for the rewards that come from cleansing and repairing nuclear reactors.

Safety is a matter for the person; if his radiation levels upward push Gary turns into unemployable. Gary is likewise organized to chance the whole lot for Seydoux’s attractive Karole even though she appears cause on marrying fellow worker Toni (Denis Menochet).

The bustling camaraderie the various expendable employees lends Grand Central the texture of an American blue collar story from the 1980s like Urban Cowboy or Silkwood even as the anguished romance harks farther again to those Jean Gabin classics from the Nineteen Thirties.

It is atmospheric as lives unfold in the shadows of belching industrial chimneys and the brilliant mild of volatile lakeside encounters.

It’s only a shame that Seydoux’s character feels so underdeveloped and that ultimately the movie feels pretty insubstantial.





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