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“Just two days after being brought into contact at an evening organized by a friend in common, Anna Bousky and me decided to meet again in the north of Paris in the 19th arrondissement for a shooting.” Randolph Lungela from Seasidz loves to experiment. He loves to make photographic like works of art. Powerful and colorful. “The shoot began in the usual way, a few shots in the street, some discussions to get to know each other better. Then suddenly we discovered an incredible retro place covered with colored windows. The sun was very strong that day, it was around 7 pm, and reflections shattered over the whole room.”

Do not go past things and let them not become a habit. Find the magic in the everyday. Yes, that’s what he did. “Between the digital area and vintage, this place recovered all my colorimetric inspirations. I almost felt like in a movie, such as “Drive”. I was surrounded by everything that excites me the most, the light and Anna who radiated the whole thing. This shooting was like a daydream for me.” Styling done by Romain Campens.

pher : Randolph Lungela from Seasidz – instagram : @lungela.randolph from @seasidz
Model : Anne-Claire Bousquet – instagram : @annabousky
Styled by Romain Campens – instagram : @romaincampens
Glasses :
top : @lanvinofficial
Pant : @courreges

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Surrounded by Lights – C-Heads Magazine

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